Forging a healthy community

Our goal is simple. We want to make you and those you love healthier. Health has never been more important than it is now, and Vita-Essential is here to guide you on the path to being the healthiest version of yourself.

How do we do this? By providing customised product packs to support your individual health, diet and lifestyle goals and aspirations.

Meet the Founders

The brainchild team of Vita-Essential is made up of two passionate people – Flavio and Tiffany. They founded the business after realising there was a spike in people yearning for a healthier lifestyle, specifically formulated for them, and their unique needs. They experienced frustration when looking for the best brands, right dosages and correct combinations of vitamins and supplements – this process was also very time consuming and delivered few results that matched their unique goals. Their sights were set on creating a high quality, yet cost-effective and convenient supplement solution for themselves, their loved ones, and the broader health-forward community. And Vita-Essential was born.

Our Partners

Dr Shavit Sachs

To provide the best advice and expertise into the formulation of our product range we partnered with Dr Shavit Sachs, a Naturopathic Practitioner specialising in Eating Psychology Coaching. Her approach is all about holistic health and maintaining this through sustainable solutions. She uses education as one of her powerful healing tools, helping others live their lives to their fullest potential, always guiding them on their path to optimal health and well-being, and empowering them along the way.

Dr Sachs’ methods are recognised internationally where she has spoken at two international congresses in Lisbon, Portugal and been a guest at various companies’ wellness days.

Afrigen Compounding Solution Services

Afrigen is our trusted biotechnology company, using state-of-the-art NANO technology offering innovation on all their therapeutic outcomes. Their resources, knowledge and expertise are combined to form one of the most trusted teams in the industry, ensuring the highest quality medicines are produced, with increased bioavailability and accelerated absorption of the active ingredients.

Our Values


Our recommendations are honest to the core and our principles are based on finding a unique relationship between your personal health, fitness and lifestyle needs and goals – backed by research and science.


We are committed to bringing you the highest-quality products, formulated with extreme care, each one tested and approved by professionals.


Expert healthcare professionals suggest and approve all products and their dosages, tailormade for your specific needs. This guarantees that each ingredient is purposefully included in your supplement regime, pinpointing your needs with absolute efficacy.


We take all the guesswork out of determining which vitamins, minerals and supplements you need in order to achieve optimal wellness.

Backed by science

Locally produced in South Africa

No Nasties

Suits most diets and allergies

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