A bespoke wellness journey, tailormade for you.

What is Vita-Essential?

Health has never been more important than it is now. Our highly-skilled team of experts came together to create something special. Customized vitamin packs to help support your unique health, diet and lifestyle needs. Thanks to teamwork and careful collaboration between health and science, our tailor-made wellness solutions were formulated - holistically for you.

We prioritise you.

We provide vitamin and supplement recommendations unique to your personal health goals. Everything we do at Vita-Essential comes back to helping you. We’re always transparent. All of our products are produced locally with sustainable active ingredients from around the globe. You deserve to know what each of our vitamins and supplements contain.

The Glow Getter

Collagen Hyaluronic Blend

Skin. Hair. Anti-aging

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The Bounce Back

Collagen Blend

Skin. Gut. Joint

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The Reviver

Energy Enhancer

Energy. Brain. De-Stress

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The Alchemist

Beauty Booster Blend

Skin. Hair. Nails

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The Antioxidant

Vitamin C Blend

Immunity. Skin. Anti-Inflammatory

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The Lifeguard

Natural Antibiotic

Immunity. Heart. Bone

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The Joint Doctor

Joint & Bone Support

Bone. Joint. Flexibility

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The Move Maker

Joint Health & Muscle Recovery

Joint. Muscle Recovery. Fitness

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The BIG Thinker

Brain Support

Mental Clarity. Focus. Mood

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The Mellow Fellow

Rest & Relax

Anti-anxiety. Calming. Mental Wellbeing

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    How Vita-Essential works

    Simply. We’ve designed our products to make healthy habit forming easy. Here’s how!

    Step 1

    Take our quick quiz. Tell us what works for you, by answering questions related to your current health, mind and lifestyle patterns, and what you desire them to be. We aim to help you achieve your optimal holistic health goals.

    Step 2

    Based on your quiz results, we will recommend the best combination of vitamins and supplements for you. You will then be ready to receive your personalized vitamin pack, tailor-made just for you. Backed by up-to-date research and superior quality formulations.

    Step 3

    Order your personalized pack and receive them at your doorstep in just a few days. Stay in communication with us, as your health requirement might change. Your new health journey is now beginning.

    Meet the founders

    Tiffany and Flavio founded VitaEssential after seeing a major uptake in people wanting to live healthier lifestyles. Tiffany has always been extremely passionate about health, wellness and nutrition and found it was extremely time consuming to keep researching the best brands, dosages and vitamins/supplements for all their needs…

    Backed by science

    Locally produced in South Africa

    No Nasties

    Suits most diets and allergies


    Here are a few things our clients have to say about us

    Significantly reduced my recovery time after a few weeks. I have also noticed less pain in my knees and ankles after long runs with minimal inflammation. I would recommend The Move Maker for anyone who exercises more than 3x a week -  Joshua Chase

    As a Dev, after a day of work, I find myself drained and without any remaining mental capacity. However, after a week of taking The Big Thinker, I have experienced a drastic decrease in mental fatigue. My mind is beaming with energy and ready for Round 2 - Saayim Ori 

    Experienced a noticeable improvement in my skin texture and hair. Skin is left glowing and feeling highly hydrated after my first 2 weeks of using the Hydrolysed Marine Collagen liquid - Byron Polly

    Becoming a mama has made me want to be the best version of myself, for my family. The better my health & vitality is, the happier we all are. My favorites so far are “The Alchemist”, “The Mellow Fellow” and especially “The Gut Foundation”. I feel supported with my stress levels and my skin is revitalized. I’m so excited to carry on with my health journey with the help of VitaEssential. Thank You! - Raquel Calamas 


     I love the convenience of these vitamin packs. The Reviver and the Big Thinker are an amazing combo. I feel so energized and focused throughout the day, and it gives me a boost for my afternoon gym sessions. Alo loving the collagen in my smoothies. Thanks Vita-E   - Tamryn Geldenhuys  


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